Creativity back and blank canvas

What happens when you put your brushes to the side for a while due to different reasons and circumstances, and all of a sudden, you regain the urge/necessity/interest to return to your creative and artistic self. How hard is it to get back? Do you struggle as much as I did?

I haven’t paint in around three years, work became first and impediment, and after a while and excuse not to paint. I have tried over the years to start painting again; however, my hands and eyes had a tough time regaining confidence, and I thought I lost my skills. These feelings made the idea of painting again and enjoyed it hard to believe. The fear of not being as good became a barrier. Yet, as Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Here are the steps I have used to start my artistic and creative process again:

1. Focus on the process rather than the product.

2. Create a designated painting space.

3. Make your surrounding inviting.

4. Identify your ideal working conditions.

5. Try to establish a routing.

6. Pick up a pencil and paper and start your first attempts of creativity.

7. Observe and recognize your subject of interest.

8. Pick up a brush and start; mistakes are entirely allowed.

9. Enjoy!

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