Separation in the Evening

Paul Klee was a modern painter with a unique style that was influenced by the avant-garde movements; such as, expressionism, cubism, surrealism. As many as his colleague artists Paul Klee analyzed simple forms, color, and the rhythm. He discover that art allowed him the freedom to explore his radical artistic ideas. Klee as modern artist, introduced his research of rhythm translated in his paintings, vanguard music, design due to his time as a professor in Bauhaus and graphic advertisement. Separation in the evening is the result of a series of lines and color that are creating a gravitational force to the center generated by the arrows. What I personally enjoy about abstract art and artist

Separation in the Evening (1922) by Paul Klee (1879-194)

such as Klee is that their art work is most of the time influence by the idea of creating emotions to the audience; never impose to it, always by personal interpretation.

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